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smooth bore or rifled? that's really big for a large ball at 1/4 pound of lead or even more if a minie ball, if it's rifled - rather large for a shotgun too. around a 2 or 3'd be a son of a <expletive deleted> to shoot with anything approaching a decent powder charge and shot load. fancy punt gun for market bird hunters who want to hit dozens at once? i'd want to mount it on a tripod and stand well back...

with no sights i'm going to assume it's it's a smoothbore shotgun. what's that small projection on the lower part of the stock? sling swivel? - no upper one tho.

p.s. - the inside gauge seems to be reading 16.9mm give or take, or a 16 gauge shotgun size, a ladies shotgun size, most US hunters use at least a 12 gauge.
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