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Well noted Rick, and actually looking at those distinctive 'twig' or marca mosca type markings, used in these multiple configurations reminded me of European blades, particularly Italian, which have been seen on a number of 'firangi'.

As we dont really know for sure what colonial setting this composite was assembled in, it is hard to say what the source may have been for the blade. What seems somewhat clear is that it is of likely latter 18th century. Meanwhile the hilt is of the type of primarily French style of around 1820s in thier cavalry swords, the distictive pommel is known as the 'phrygian helmet' style in many of the references and was copied by the US in thier M1840 and M1860 patterns of cavalry sabres,

On the example you have posted Rick, those stippled letters are indeed Indian script and denote arsenal markings well known from the Bikaner armoury in Rajasthan. They are indeed mindful of these curious multiple markings in grouping which actually originate from such blade markings uaed early in North Italy, and diffused widely through the Genoan trade into Black Sea regions.
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