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Default Kurdish khanjar with important provenance

in 1963 - 1973 Israel was active helping the revolution of the Kurdish people against the Iraqi regimes. The IDF (Israel Defese Forces) set up a field hospital in the Kurdish territories. A young military physician was sent to the area to help in setting up and servicing in the hospital. At the end of his mission and as a token of appreciation he received from Mullah Mustafa Barzani the legendary leader of the revolution a Kurdish khanjar. Later on this physician was appointed a Brigadier General and the Commander of the IDF medical corps, and later as a general manager of one of the biggest hospitals in Israel. In this position and in my previous life in the medical industry I met him, and after months of begging and pleas I got the dagger. I recently found it in the bottom of the drawer and thought to share it with you. Simple but authentic effective and functional.
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