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Thank you all for your comments. I appreciate the time you spared to share your observations and insights. I learned some more about the keris and culture from the discussion.

For now, I intend to leave this keris as found. It is unfortunate that there is little information on its provenance. I purchased it from a Massachusetts based antique dealer who said that, "it came out of a lot of knives with the majority of them being from the Philippines and came back from the Philippine American War of 1899-1902." I asked for additional information but have not received a reply.

Anyway, below are additional pictures. The first shows details of the sheath construction. In the second, I highlighted matching details of the upper and lower parts of the the pendok. The third and fourth are just additional front and back views. The last is a photo of a print showing a similar sheath (back view).

Kind regards to all!

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