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Hello Fernando,

The sampir is currently detached which may account for the poor fit of the pendok in the picture.

The opening seems too wide (and there also is an unusual "step" between the 2 parts of the pendok) - still, this might either point towards recycling of materials (which always was common practise) or less-than-perfect fitting (also not unheard of though more common with sub-average pieces).

Also, the sampir seems to have been made for the keris for it follows the profile of the ganja and there is no movement when sheathed.

The gonjo sinks in too deeply for a keris dressed in general Malay style and the pretty "steep" angle it sits inside also makes me believe the sampir may not have been carved for this blade. Of course, this may also result from the loose sampir...

Btw, I had the same impression of the pendokok when I saw it in pictures however, it really looks so much better in person.

I'm glad to hear that! If it really is old, it certainly should not be messed with.

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