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Originally Posted by motan
I also agree. Politics could potentially ruin this forum. I really enjoy the lack of it here, which allows me to connect with people who are potentially my adversaries and have a civilized discussions based on mutual respect.
However, politics and historical facts are intermingeled by nature. Even archeological findings are mostly viewed through biased eyes. My country is perhaps the best example of that, with very real actions directly based on interpretations of history. But even without entering the truely dangerous waters of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, just think about "Biblical Archeology" and you realize that we do not observe the past without prejudice...
Ibrahim, I love this thread and your other general historical threads. By the way, is Al Balooshi by any chance related the Baluch??

Yes it is the name given to what is now an Omani tribe thus the Al in front...The same happened to a number of otherwise not integrated tribes after the ruler decreed when he took power after 1970... The Al Baluch form a large contingent on the Baatinah coast of Oman and hark back to the days when most of the Mercenaries on the Zanj were Baluch.
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