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Originally Posted by olikara
A very beautiful Katthi. Congrats.

This will be from the Moplah or 'Mappilai' people of Malabar. They are quite different from the Coorgis who are of Scythian and Hindu stock. The Mappilais are of Arab-Dravidian Muslim stock.

Coorg is adjacent to Malabar but not a part of Malabar. And very interestingly the Moplah rebellion of 1921 where the Moplahs rebelled against their Hindu landlords (Mostly Nair and Brahmin) was put down by the British who used their Gorkha levees to great effect. Moplah Katthis against the Kukris!

The Coorgis and Moplahs were never on the best of terms though. Tipu Sultan in order to subdue the ever restive Coorgis had a policy of settling Muslim populations from Mysore and adjoining Malabar into Coorg. Needless, to say after Tipu's destruction the Coorgis drove off most of these new settlers.

Hi Olikara,
A bit late in commenting on your statement re the origin of the Coorgs being of Scythian-Hindu stock. I have done a little research into the origins of these people as they are so interesting but I cannot find a conclusive answer. The origin you have stated is one of a number of theories none of which have concrete evidence, have you found such evidence? If so I would be grateful if you would share it so that I can stop knocking my head against what appears to be a brick wall regarding this subject.
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