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Dear Mr Maisey,

I thank you for the time and effort of you and your relations to help me out.
My question for help i also posted on a few Facebook groups (indonesian based) on the subject of Keris where I'm a member of.

This is a summary of what i gathered from the response i got from these groups.

At the bottom of the pendok it says: "ya ini penolak gering”

This is a kind of esoteric meaning of a kris ... the letter ~ "aksara" (indestructible) written to give the same effect in the phisical world; to the owner,

‘Be this, [a] safe guard [of the owner, from] illness’

At the top of the pendok it says: 'yaiki panulak ing ...'

The closest possibility is that the keris is a gift from sombedy, it could be a lord or high social status person, in purpose to make the keris a
shield for the village's safety (as in the first Javanese line that's written in pendok: 'yaiki panulak ing ...' which means the keris is the symbol
of power or rescuer from disaster (with an assumption that the keris is known as the upbringing of glory and grace).

Al this is open for discussion.

And I have to tell you that the drawing of the tekst is made by a graphic designer who has no knowledge of the script and therefore just drew what je saw as being engraved. There is also some scratching and where on the surface of the pendok.


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