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Thank you Mark for always recognizing my entries so kindly. You and I have always been intrigued by these kinds of mysteries, the pirates themselves being one of the most profound. Your interest and command of so many such mysteries in these fields is shown in your amazing writing......and I didn't realize you had done two more in the series!!!! Bravo!

My interest in the macabre is almost obsessive, and goes all year, not just Halloween!!!
In a way, I sort of regret dispelling a lot of these long held chestnuts about pirates and their lore.....but really, in many truth is even stranger than fiction.

I had never seen that about Marshal Ney, but it makes perfect sense that an execution might well have been 'staged'. He was so highly regarded on both sides of the conflict that it would not have been surprising.

Thank you again, and great topic and entries!!!
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