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Originally Posted by Jens Nordlunde
Mel, thank you for showing close ups of the Todunga, it seems to be in a very fine condition. I am glad it is in a private collection and taken good care of.

What do you collect? Only Indian, or is your collection broader?

Ibrahiim, thank you for the correct number of weapons dumped at sea. A lot of the weapons collected were, no doubt, quite simple but to the owner valuable.
On the other hand, chopping up an English magistrate on his own verandah would have made the English react.

Hello Jens, my tastes are eclectic I collect all sorts of interesting things. I've long had an interest In almost anything relating to antique arms and armour of all kinds, antique and vintage airguns, knives, bayonets etc.
Georgian swords, particularly smallswords, are my main interest
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