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Originally Posted by Jens Nordlunde
The Aydha Katthi is a rare weapon to find, but the Todunga is even rarer. Thank you for showing.
I have two Aydha Katthis from two different rulers of Coorg, both are shown in my catalogue 'A Passion for Indian Arms'. In The Journal of The Arms and Armour Society.UK. Vol. XXII. No 4, September 2017 Nidhin Olikara has written an article about the markings on some of the blades, telling how you can see which rulers mark it is.

The weapons dumped at see were not only Aydha Katthis, but any kind of weapon, and to this comes, that it was about 17000 weapons.

I've added a couple more pic's that may give a better perspective. The slot that the blade passes through is quite large, to allow the blade to pass through, but it occurs to me that once in position the knife would hang rather loosely.
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