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Excellent points! no forte on locally made blades! That one I completely forgot, and is a great indicator. It always amazes me that it seems so commonly held that native makers were producers of crudely made blades, at least to those relatively uninitiated in ethnographic weapons.

It is always interesting as well to see the notion that certain swords or types of weapons were restricted to certain tribes or groups, as well as to certain geographic regions. As Kubur has noted, influences and features of various weapons are often amalgamated into what frustrated collectors often regard as variants.
While obviously we can largely classify certain forms to the regions where they have propensity, however movements of ethic groups through diaphanous borders which are the thing of maps remind me of the sage axiom. .... "weapons have no geographic borders".

Roanoa, as always, your insight into the weaponry of these regions is great as you have been key in the study of this field for so many years.

Interesting use of what may be a cartridge when the use of coins have always seemed to dominate this place on hilts of these regions.
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