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Originally Posted by weapons 27
I hope to save this blade by polishing it ???

My guess is Japanese Naginata and Koto-era, which means it was made before 1600.

One good alternative to a full polishing is a window. The prize for such a 1"-window in the surface is around 100$/. I know a Togishi in Germany for that purpose.

I would say, this blade is worth a polishing, but I cannot see how deep the corrosion is. The problem is, that the outer layer of steel (Hada) is often only a few tenths of a Millimeter wide. If the outer layer is polished through, the inner core becomes visible and this core is often made of ugly low quality steel.

I can see, that someone grinded the Nakago (tang), that is absoltely forbidden and reduces the value of the blade significantly.


p.s. Ariel, yes collecting Nihonto is a great risk. Until now, I bought four blades. One is junk, the other three pieces are of great quality. Unless you are willing to pay 8.000-10.000$ or more for a blade, it is always a gamble . Me was lucky enough to win a Wakizashi from famous Tadayoshi 3d for a very reasonable prize. If you see such a blade, you become an addict! And I really like their signatures on blades: "Hizen Kuni Ju Mutsu No Kami Tadayoshi" that is a name! He was a living treasure already during his lifetime. And if you hold one of his blades, you know why!
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