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Originally Posted by Martin Lubojacky
Thank you Kronckew. I think it is too heavy for javelin (61 cms, inner diameter of the socket 2.5 cms).... In Africa I would not speak about ahlspiess with disc guard.... My idea is either head from armour piercing lance or bottom part from heavy spear or lance - as you wrote, this spike bottom part can be used as a weapon itself. But I think it is not Masai. It may come to Ethiopia from its western neighbours .... I (maybe wrongly) can feel some "west Sudanese" influence (like ball section e.g.).... would appreciate any pictures with something like this - from Africa.

Yeah I'm just spit-balling. Part of which is the consideration that it may not be from Africa originally. Even if shipped to someone from there or bought by someone while over that way. It doesn't necessarily mean it was made there. Warfare, occupation, trade. All these things can find weapons and armour ending up far and away from where they were originally made. Seems good to not get locked into the idea that it must come from somewhere in or immediately adjacent to Africa.
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