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Default Seen at flea market

Guy wanted $50 for it. I didn't know what it was (beyond it being a sabre), the handle had damage/missing pieces, and it had no scabbard. So I passed. He did ask for me to make him an offer. But I don't think he would have gone for $10 And I'm not sure I'd have wanted it for even that little.

It did feel solidly constructed out of quality materials. The edge was unsharpened (had an edge grind but didn't appear to have ever been actually taken to combat ready). Sorry the pics aren't that great and that there aren't more of them. It was a really busy day. The gold colored emblem featured laurels or wheat (I forget exactly which) and read "PROOF".

Just going to link it because I've tried everything I know to scale how the the images display here and can't seem to.

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