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Looking at old threads I found this one.

Roland, the katar you show in thread 22 must be from the same place as the ones with protrusions. Unfortunately I have not had time yet to dig into this subject, but when I have I will write more about it.

Eric, The katar Sotheby's refer to, from the David Collection in 1982 is thai one. See my catalogue pp. 127-128.

Well Eric, there are differences. Have a look at the one Roland shows without protrusions, the one you show, and the one I show.
The protrusions are clearly shown on the one I show, but on the one you show the protrusions are a 'lump' - more or less. I also have some of these katars, and I am wondering how they came from being clearly shown to being a 'lump' and dissapear at all.
I think that more katars belong to this group - but research will show.
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