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Originally Posted by Richard G
Interesting to see the Rasak version (Post no 50) seems to be sporting a date of 1866, which is before the the general adoption of the Martini action and possibly it's invention.
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In answer to Khanjar! and Richard G; The Razak butt is similar to the one on Martini Henry shown, however, the inscribed almost scribbled date is spurious as they hadn't supplied them yet. Add to that; the butt may have either been a special consignment for this presentation piece or simply a standard Martini Henry heavily worked on and specially carved.. In fact the supply of Martini Henrys was to be a fiasco of huge proportions as lawsuit on top of lawsuit as well as skulduggery and even ships sinking on route plus financial documents from Bodaciea's chariot which may well have been signed Mickey Mouse...etc.

The Rasak below is described as Quote"Description: A flintlock rasak gun dating: second quarter of the 19th Century provenence: Balkans round, smoothbore, 18 mm cal. barrel with a molded muzzle and an iron foresight, sighted breech with a small engraving; flat plate-lock engraved with floral motifs; long.'' Unquote.
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