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I would like to thank David for bringing this excellent example to this thread, as I think it is important to note that these thin rapier blades were indeed mounted on the Indian khanda hilts. We have been discussing this particular sword on a concurrent thread resulting in some outstanding discussion and observations on these foreign blades and their effect on the use of these swords in India.
As David has kindly shown here, and the reason I thought the sword should be posted in this thread is the linear arrangement of four punched dots, which seems surmounted by another. As Fernando has well observed, the magick or talismanic numbers 1441,1414 are often represented in various ways, and are significant in the symbolism often found in markings on these blades.
The use of dots as a numeric in association with other key markings seems well represented in many examples, especially the 'anchors' and of course the 'sickle' marks, but seems quite unusual in this linear fashion.

The number three has obvious connotation, and that of four may well be represented as suggested, in multiplied palindrome or possibly the very simple symbolism of the four elements, the four cardinal directions etc. In trying to establish allegory, possibly the world? wholeness? It is difficult to imagine without more markings along with the dots.

I'd like to hear others thoughts, and as always, hope for other examples of blades with systemic arrangement of dots on blades..with or without other marks.
David, would you mind showing the entire 'firangi' as I'd like to illustrate again a classic example of 'foreign' blades in an important ethnographic weapon that perfectly exemplifies the importance of out topic.
Thank you so much again !
All very best regards,
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