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Default Cabalistic symbols

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Hi Jim,
While Freebooter consolidates the religious basis of the anchor symbol, may i advance a couple scans of Evans book, with references to some usually seen markings, which he presumes to be of cabalistic contents. Eventually the symbol "IN MENE", apparently so usually seen in the XVII-XVIII centuries, is conotated by Portuguese Eduardo Nobre in AS ARMAS E OS BAR�ES, struck on sword of page 47, as a symbol of fear of God.
BTW, if you browse the Net on the subject, these letters are relative to Hebrew mystic symbology.
On the other hand, Juan L. Calvo, the author of the link in posts #78 and #81( Closas, Ayalla, etc ) is of the opinnion that these are marks of a determined unknown factory, which is naturaly wrong.

MENE o MINI: La inscripci�n �IN MENE� o �IN MINI� figura inscrita en hojas de espada forjadas durante el siglo XVIII, tal vez se�alando su producci�n en una determinada �f�brica� que no he conseguido identificar.

All the best
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