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I will help regarding this book but I am afraid it will have to wait until the silly season has passed. I will see if I can dig up Mr Evan's email address and perhaps he will have something on file he can share with us all rather than all the scans. I do remember my last correspondence was a few years ago just after he sold his collection in preparation of putting together another book on miniature swords if I remember correctly.

All for now.....a great read so far guys keep is coming...I also want to add there is a running wolf found in a few places on a blade made by Johannis Brach for King George II, it appears in between his first and last name on both sides of the blade in the fullers, there are several other marks being a cross struck 3 times with a letter "S" and unicorn struck twice too. The rest of the blade is etched with a calendar.

Those of you in England may well have seen this sword on display in the tower of London collection....


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