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I have only one blade, on a firangi, which could be a trade blade. As far as I can read it, it says XX WIDALDBELV XX, I don�t know what it means, but I have noticed that the text is not in the middle of the four �X�s so there may have been more than what can be seen to day. What can be seen is fairly deep, and this �worries� me a bit. The �X�s can be seen at both ends, but some of the letters are missing, without any trace of that they have been there, and this I find strange, it is btw the same on both sides of the blade. Could it be, that blades like this, with a sloppy marking, are not trade blades, although they are supposed to look so, but local made blades? We must not forget, that although several countries did what they could, to fill the market in other countries with trade blades, a lot of the so called trade blades we see to day have been locally made. How do we know which is a trade blade and which is a locally made one?

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