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and John Sanford (previously of the syndicate) leased a corn-mill at Lintzford (up-river from SB and near Blackhall) to make blades.

Kieth.. Lintzford is down stream of Shotley Bridge.. as is Blackhall Mill...See

Great research so far... It wouldn't surprise me if Blackbeard the Pirate turned up next !!

Has anyone a copy of what a Hollow Sword making machine looked like?

I have to agree with page 34 on

and the conclusion that since the Shotley Makers never became millionaires because they were unable to produce Colichemerde and were thus relegated to flat, military, far cheaper blades...and anyway swords were either going out of fashion because of gunpowder weapons and the general decline of wars in Europe requiring such the agonising time needed to even turn out one Colichemarde by hand was simply not viable...
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