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Originally Posted by Uncle Bertie

This is my first post in this incredibly informative and helpful site. I've learned a huge amount about the collection of African and Asian daggers and swords I recently acquired. Now though, I need some specific advice please.

How do I clean this so the writing can be read?

This small Asian? knife has text on the sheath and the handle, but also has a lot of gunk making it difficult to read. I have a ultrasonic cleaner, but I'm not sure if using that would be appropriate.

How do I loosen this blade from the scabbard?

I'm not sure, but it's probably rusted in. In the UK we have something called WD40 which I'd use to loosen rusted nut, but I don't know if that is sensible. I'm told the sword is Tuareg and to complicate matters, I'm sure WD40 wouldn't be good for the leather.

Thanks for your help.

The first one is a Japanese Tanto. Have no idea about the second one.

For cleaning, in the first stage, I would use WD40, White Spirit and a hard brush for removing the gunk.

Good luck!
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