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Originally Posted by ariel
One of the most frustrating things about Japanese blades is that they are either perfect or worthless.
Professional polish of this one will cost you several thousands of dollars. It will remove a lot of the most precious metal and the final result will likely be disappointing.

Personally, I refuse to touch Nihonto with a fifty foot pole.
Ariel, a very negative view. While it is quite expensive to polish a Japanese blade(around $100 per inch), the results are often stunning and not "disappointing" at all. People sometimes do insist on polishing very old and worn blades or blades that are just not of a good quality and this "can" result in a disappointing result. Sometimes a hidden fault will be exposed during polishing even on a good looking blade.....but the final result when you finish polishing any Japanese blade is not "likely to be disappointing".

Were did you hear that a Japanese blade is either "perfect or worthless"??? This is not the case at all, it really depends on the blade and the owner, some people are perfectionists and some people just enjoy collecting and do not expect perfection. I have some Japanese blades that are far from perfect and they are also far from worthless.
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