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Thanks Jim and congratulations on starting the new and revised edition of this key Forum thread.

I read with interest your notes on the Shotley Bridge situation and wondered if in fact Shotley Bridge ever produced the Running Fox (bushy tail) or if in fact it was only done at Birmingham. Please see for reference

Certainly the Solingen version of the Running Wolf.. (in fact not a stamp but a hammer and chiseled stick like motif) ..was a Shotley Bridge addition; or at least appeared on their swords. Their is some contention even with this since it could be that blades for refinishing were smuggled from Solingen to the Shotley makers by Mohll himself and it is possible they were struck in Solingen previously. It is also entirely feasible that the Running Wolf were done in Shotley Bridge; Solingen being the origin of those swordmakers.

What is clear is the Running Wolf became a mark placed by various schools of sword production and copied by many others in a similar way to Eye lash /Hogs Back marks / ANDREA FERRERA and other classic marks to infer quality. The Running Wolf or Passau Wolf has moved across international boundaries and almost takes on an air of Talismanic proportions.

Here is the mark on an Omani Dancing Sword randomly struck and somewhat unrecognizable... I place the Running Fox of Samuel Harvey Birmingham with initials and a Solingen Running Wolf for comparison.
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