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Originally Posted by ariel
What you see is not a Genoese “ jaws” or “eyelashes” and not a Caucasian “ gurda”. Besides their very specific form, they are always oriented along the blade.
Yours is a mirrored image of two groupings oriented across the blade. Each grouping has 7 dots. The Big Dipper?

Thanks for the comment Ariel. Actually I wasn't really sure if it is an eyelash mark or not but I could see some faint arcs facing each other along the length of the blade and whose ends the dots emanate from. It is not as well defined as the sickle marks of the other blade and mine has an extra pair of dots. Probably it got defaced over time. I just used the term gorda or gurda to call it for convenience (improper it may be) as I don't know what else to refer to it. I'm also curious if there is a significance to the mark on my sword having the extra two dots.
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