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Default says Quote"Baluchi diasporic presence in the Gulf region is well documented, but little is known about Baluchi settlements in East Africa. The Baluchis—in Swahili called Wabulushi (singular: Mbulushi)—who settled in Kenya and Tanzania in the 1820s are heterogeneous Baluchi-cum-Swahili-speaking Sunni Muslim communities originating in Iran. They came to Zanzibar as mercenaries with the Omani forces, and after 1890, they joined the German and British colonial forces in East Africa."Unquote.

What can be seen of their weapons suggests that they adopted some Omani Swords such as Shamshiir and Indian variants of the various Tulvar marks as well as the various daggers available ...and Indian gunpowder weaponry. They did have a cavalry outfit and I am looking for weapons in that sphere..
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