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Red face Recovered material to date

Here is a zip archive of what I have been able to recover from the early makers marks thread:
Early Makers Marks

Shayde78's image searches led me to explore caches of other search engines and the archive now consists of:

pages 1 - 3 courtesy of and including attachments
pages 4 - 6 courtesy of Bing, but without attachments
pages 8 - 9 courtesy of Bing, but without attachments
page 10 courtesy of Google, but without attachments

To view these files:
1) Download the zip file.
2) Extract the contents into an empty directory
3) Directly load the desired html page into your web browser (i.e. right click, open) from the extracted folder.

1) You will not see the attachments if you open the html files directly from the zip file.
2) Some links within these documents will not work. You will have to directly open each of the html pages; you cannot navigate between them.
3) Page 7 was overwritten on Google and Yahoo's cache times out; there is no trace of page 11 but I still have another place to look.

--> If you have your own saved disk file of parts of this thread that are not included, please forward them to me and I'll include them in the zip file.

--> If you recognize missing images from this thread in shayde78's links or in your own archive, please either attach to this current thread or e-mail them to me ( and I'll add them to this archive. Be sure to indicate which post the image is from; this is shown on the right of the bar with the post date and time.
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