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I have notes indicating that hollow blades were found dumped in the Estuary ... This means probably that hollow blades had been entering the system at Shotley...If this was only for polishing and hilting this could have been done ...
At The Author Helen Steadman speaks about the Richardson book but it can be seen that Richardson is unable to substantiate a number of details including the radio active water comment supposedly good for the steel treatment process...and said to be an advantage of Derwent water...
Richardson refers to the court papers from the quarter sessions (Northumberland Record Office), and he mentions various letters and statements, so these will be useful to check when I begin the archive work. Quote"He explores the notion of Mohll’s involvement with the Jacobites, but dismisses this, saying ‘that no plots were uncovered’ (p.45). He also refers to there being only hollow blades dumped in the river (p.46), and wonders at Mohll’s release, suggesting ‘Herman Mohll himself must have been surprised and certainly must have sensed an unseen kindly hand’ (p.46)."Unquote.

However a number of indicators are not substantiated in the Richardson book such as THE WATER AT THE SPA WAS SUPPOSEDLY SLIGHTLY RADIO ACTIVE AS SPA WATER OFTEN IS...BUT THAT IS NOT DERWENT WATER BUT DRAWN FROM A WELL.

I somehow doubt that Richardson was pinpoint accurate when he noted that these Hollow Swords were all that was dumped ...Did he mean Colichemarde or flat blades Hollow Ground?
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