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Default 1.0s.0d a blade.

Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Balooshi
Most interesting signs ...It still never actually says Colichemarde though... Only hollow blades... Do they mean hollow sharpening.

Hello Ibrahiim. Re. the above: I notice that it costs a 1.0s.0d. for a 'Hollow' blade in contrast to 1.10s a dozen for other blades: essentially twelve times as much. This has to be for something more than a sharpening, or even a fuller of one sort or another. Perhaps these were the blades smuggled in from Solingen. If they wanted to sell hollow blades, even at such a price, that price had to be very competitive compared with the 'official' Solingen blades imported with appropriate duty paid.
There is that mention in a letter to Cotesworth that tells of a 'Gent' in London having to 'venture' 8.00 for a decent sword; so even after the hilting and etc., 1.0s.0d. for the blade was more than acceptable.
On another note: it appears that Carnforth was actively involved in the setting up of SB in advance of the 19 arriving. I suspect it was a joint arrangement with the Hounslow three and the Syndicate, plus Vinting. I'm using that as a working hypothesis for the time being anyway but happy to be shot down whenever.
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