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Originally Posted by Mel H
The more common offerings that I saw were mid 18th C. hangers with the bushy tailed fox stamp. Mel.

Hello Mel. I don't know if you've reached that part of the thread yet, but we are considering the possibility that the fox was never used by the SB sword-makers - only by Birmingham smiths.
We are even questioning whether the Passau Wolf was actually used by the SB smiths or if it came already stamped on smuggled Solingen imports brought by Mohll for finishing at SB.
Well, I am considering all of this; although I have support with regard to the fox. It's always been associated with the SB blades, but now I'm beginning to wonder.
Do you have knowledge of blades definitely made at SB that feature the fox?
I never received a response from the vendor of the sword ascribed to Oley sold at auction last year (see earlier post).
I think it is impossible to determine the wolf issue because the SB name may easily have been added to ready made stock after the fact.
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