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Originally Posted by Lee
This thread was not intentionally removed. Apparently, in the course of a moderator attempting to extract relevant portions of it to the EA, the software somehow permanently deleted the entire thread despite system settings disallowing such deletion. The system logs give no clue of how this happened.

I have recovered the first 3 pages from the WayBackWhenMachine (, but the remaining 8 could not be retrieved. If any member has made personal disk copies of those missing pages, as I recommend for any pages of particular personal importance to a member, I would appreciate receiving copies of them.

Salaams Lee, Thank You for your post on this matter.

I regret I have no files copied from that thread and have searched but other than a few charts I have been unable to collect any data lost. The only hope may be that on the original machine it may have been sidelined to the retrieval device.(RECYCLE BIN)..I cannot see how it can have been simply jettisoned.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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