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Thank you so much for your explanation of this situation and the steps which have been taken to find any resolution to this unfortunate incident.
As noted, this thread which I began in 2008, contained much valuable data and contributions by many members who participated in making it so successful. It was clearly highly trafficked by many who sought information concerning markings on European blades and typically using Google, were led to our pages.

As you have noted, Ibrahiim and I are in constant contact privately as we have conducted a great deal of research together on many topics and various arms being studied.
Actually I had thought that this thread was accessed through the CLASSIC THREADS sticky, and that particular thread was in this position in BOTH forums.
As you know, the fact that European blades often occur in ethnographic weapons has been a main criteria for this topic transcending both forums.
Actually both Ibrahiim and I access the thread quite a lot in our common research, just as did many as shown. This topic came to OUR attention when I was working on the query which you had moved from ethnographic to European, and YOU noted the issue, and I mentioned it to Ibrahiim.
Since it was openly mentioned by you in your post, it did not seem a matter that was classified.
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