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nah, there are a lot of bent over warriors and nobles as well, they're all drawn a bit lump & bumpy. the bent over guys all seem to be doing something they'd be bent over for in any case. the archers especially seem pretty upright, tho they are using the weaker and less accurate chest draw and the bows look slightly recurved. peasants were of course shown as 'humble' and would bow for their lords and not look them in the face. the tapestry was of course woven by the perfidious french who should have lost . (the brits got back at them at poiters,crecy and agincourt tho)

...and here is R3's skellyton as found. he did have bad press from the winners, and kowtowing period writers who knew which side their bread was buttered on. his spine was badly bent but from side to side, with not much hump, he was as i mentioned, a noted and accomplished swordsman. in the end he was hacked down by a pole arm, a poll axe or halberd.

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