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The near to Suhl situated villages of Zella-St.Blasii and Mehlis belonged to the reagion of the Suhl weaspons industry. The rich deposits of iron ore have been the base for the industrial activities since the 16th century. Structure and organisation corresponded certainly with the centre of Suhl, although the efficiency was clearly less in the military and civilian sector. In the 18th century the activity concentrated in the manufacture of military guns, when have been working in those times about 300 masters and 40 shifters.
Making hunting arms and revolvers has been continued until Worl War 1.

The numbers under the years are no years, but just the numbers of the mark, so the mark "ZEL" of 1650 haq the number 1769! For axample: Look at page 1703, the lion mark of 1580/90 has the number 8750. Ok?
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