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I don't think we should dismiss Grutte Pier's sword as a late replica without positive evidence - which would need detailed examination in the 'flesh'.
There exist several very large Bearing or Ceremonial swords like this, some even bigger, with reasonable history. This sword is 213cm long but the 15th century Corvinus sword in Istanbul is 270cm long (the biggest that I know), Dresden has a 'Thing' (parliament) sword at 265.7cm, Edinburgh has the 'Sempill' sword, carried before Mary, Queen of Scots, at the battle of Langside, at 256cm, not to mention the two in the Royal Armouries posted by Reventlov, at 231 and 226.5cm respectively. There are lots more very big swords intended purely for ceremony not for combat, dating back to the 14th century.
Reventlov: could you tell us where the other swords are which you posted, apart from the 2 R.A. ones, especially the one with the very bent, or upside down, quillons. Thank you to all, esp. Bramiam for bringing this sword to our attention.
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