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There are several other bearing swords of similar dimensions and physical features. Two in the Royal Armouries are generally identified as having belonged to either Henry IV or V, which would date them to the early 15th century. Other similar swords are usually not dated any more precisely than "15th-16th century". Note that the pommel of one of these is particularly similar to the so-called sword of Grutte Pier, as is another in the Rijksmuseum.

The suggestion of an "INRI" inscription is very plausible, this appears on a number of other examples. In particular it appears on another bearing sword that was formerly in the Higgins Armoury, as does the other mark, which is likely a representation of a bishop's crozier. As Jim says, this is one of the marks that is generally associated with Passau. This sword also has a pair of stamped marks very similar in style to those upon the sword in question.

For comparison, I include a drawing of the inscription on a sword in Vienna which I would suggest is more likely to be a Passau original, and not an imitation. The crozier is more clearly rendered, the famous wolf-mark is included, as is the text "INRI" (though the "N" was forgotten!)
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