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I'm afraid the hilt and scabbard can not be a guide as to the origin of this blade as I guess these were more recent and made in the Malay style in Malaysia (see pic)


I am not sure what you mean when you say the blade looked strange. Attached are the 4 short bahari/anak alang blades that I have, and the blade in question is second from left. It does look slightly broader in the middle part whereas the others look gradually tapering towards the tip?

The tip of the gonjo did not feel v smooth to me. could that mean the gonjo was recently made to replace older one?

Shortening of keris alang I discovered is 'quite normal' when the top part is damaged and people want to transform it as a 'keris selit' that they can wear during ceremonial events (pakaian berbusana)


I am not sure I understand what you mean by the orientation of the steel grains... but what I can see is that the top 2 inches or so of the blade surface looked mottled and did not feel as smooth as the rest...perhaps this is the place where the reshaping was done?...

Anyway, cut or no cut, it is fine by me...but it would be good to know for sure if the blade is original or repaired.And where it is from.
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