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Martin, very nice blade which looks to be Eastern European hanger or sabre blade of 17th c, possibly into 18th. This cartouche is not a hallmark, but probably a talismanic device used in these regions and known loosely as a 'Transylvanian knot'.
Devices such as this along with often unintelligible words are often found in these kinds of flourishes. The blades if I understand correctly were often Styrian,sometimes Polish, but hard to say for sure.

The type of bird is really not relevant but could be a grouse as noted with that swirl atop the head.

I think Ariel was the one who located this data in a very obscure book,
"Huszarfegyerek a 15-17, Szadzadban " (Hussar Weapons of 15-17th c.).
A very good possibility this may have been such a hussar sabre blade which ended up being transmitted into the trade blade context.
Hungarian blades were very highly regarded in Arabia, and this one may well have entered there, from there traded into the networks which entered African entrepots.

VERY intriguing blade with some great potential!!
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