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Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Balooshi
In noting the above pictorial on Quillons I deliberately placed Tulvar in the mix. The rainguard extension is in itself a type of quillon which can trap an opponents sliding blade and either snap it or disarm him...with a twist of the wrist. Comments please.

Langet, rather than quillon. While it can, in principle, trap blades, the main use is more everyday-functional, to fit the sword securely in the scabbard without ratting, and without making it difficult to draw. A similar function is performed by the Chinese tunkou and Japanese habaki (though on the inside of the scabbard rather than the outside).

Langets like this look like a fairly late development - the earliest that come to mind are some 13th century examples from Central Asia.

Langets which sit flush against the blade can have different functions: reinforcement of the attachment of the blade to hilt, reinforcement of the base of the blade, secure attachment of the guard to the blade.

Then there are langets which extend along the grip, which help secure the guard to the grip.
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