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So ... finally mine .
New pictures are not necessarily better but, it obliges .
As usual these local rural blunderbusses are composed of whatever origin components; only that, in this case, they all seem to be Portuguese, contrary to those with British parts, namely salvaged from the Peninsular War.
The frizzen dated 1821 would be the main issue, as this ought to be a replacer, judging by the fact that these 'three screw locks' are certainly earlier (mid-end 18th century ...). It also plays a lot loose, not due ro its visible battery wearing but to its 'foot' being much narrower than its pivot section.
A second note goes for the detail in the upper jaw; a gold 'filet' that is not present inits lower part nor in the rest of the decoration.
There are also traces that the beautiful trigger guard has a story to tell, judging by the wood marks in the front.
A final note for the stock, which seems to be offset, denouncing an 'advanced' procedures.
The side plate a plain brass replacement; i am making arrangements for a local engraver to chisel some decoration familiar to the one in the main lock plate.

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