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Sorry Ibrahiim, I meant to thank you for the royal heritage information. To that end, let me add this to the mix, as it presents a very good picture of just how enormous the demand must have been for good blades:
The British Army 16851840 conflicts and wars:
Jacobite Rebellions 168991; 171516; 1719; 174546
Williamite War in Ireland 168891
Battle of the Boyne 1690
War of the Spanish Succession 17011714
War of the Austrian Succession 1740
Carnatic Wars 1744 1763
Seven Years' War 17541763
Anglo-Mysore Wars 1766 1799
First Anglo-Maratha War 17751782
American Revolutionary War 17751783
French Revolutionary Wars 17921802
Second Anglo-Maratha War 18021805
Napoleonic Wars 18021813
Hundred Days 1815 The return of Napoleon
Anglo-Nepalese War 18131816
Third Anglo-Maratha War 18171818
First Ashanti War 18231831
First Anglo-Burmese War 18241826
First Anglo-Afghan War 18391842
First Opium War 18391842
First Anglo Marri War 1840
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