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Default The Pommel.

The Pommel.

I was interested in where the word derived for Pommel? Viz;

A rounded knob on the end of the handle of a sword, dagger, or old-fashioned gun.

Simply put Pommel -- A counter-weight at the end of a sword's hilt, used to balance the sword. Also may be used as a striking implement.

Interesting however, is the Middle English description as ~ Origin
Middle English (denoting a finial at the top of a tower): from Old French pomel, from a diminutive of Latin pomum ‘fruit, apple’.

This would indicate the sword as having a little apple on top?

In the case of daggers the pommel gives a more secure grip and prevents the hand slipping off the weapon...and it can be said that a more substantially strengthened hilt architecture is possible with a pommel incorporated.

It can also be said that the large pommel structure allowed artists and designers to decorate with ornate complex designs which were particularly favoured at court as fashion dictated below in the Elephant hilt.
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