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Default Questions on an anak alang blade

I bought this anak alang a few months back. What attracted me to this was the kerawang (greneng) that look well preserved and nice akar bahar hilt.
The blade looks old to me judging from the look of the pesi which is quite corroded.

A few questions

1) I assume the blade is from Sumatera based on the style of the greneng, is this reasonable? if so, can anyone suggest which area? and reasons for saying it

2) The blade is roughly 12 inches long from tip to tip of the pesi. There is a small nick at the tip of the blade. One of the keris experts (?) I showed this blade to mentioned that this blade was most probably CUT and the original was most likely much longer (17 inches or more?) . Is this correct? He based his argument on the fact that the base of the blade is rather wide for such a short length of the blade. But I can not see any discernible color changes where the cut was made (if any).

Appreciate your comments and criticism .


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