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axe arrived. cutting edge is quite sharp, convex. couple small nicks.lower rounded part is not sharp, neither is the back of the point, all rounded rather than flat. eye is enclosed rather nthgan open. a silver pin is used to keep the head on. grip rings are copper, except the 'pommel' one is steel and open on the base where the strap ends were... sadly strap fell apart into powder as i unpacked it. haft has been varnished. three holes appear punched and countersunk rather than drilled.

weight is 1165 grams, or 2.56 lb. (or 41 oz.)
haft is 34.5 in. from tip of the socket to the pommel end. roughly 1 3/16 in. dia. at the socket, grip section 1 in. dia. in the grooves. socket 3 in. pommel piece 2 in., edge is 8 5/8 in. top to bottom, roughly 4 in. across. the blade x-section tapers from the socket to the edge as a shallow triangle and is about 1/2 in. thick where it joins the socket.

appears to be a heavy weapon rather than a tool or parade axe.
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