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More detail on the Pas D'ane. Gold decorated hilt below.

France 18th Century Straight blade, of triangular section with hollow faces. Gilded writing "Ex Dono Regis" and engraved with the writing "LECOURT / Fourbisseur / Du Roy / Rue St. / Honoré / Pres Celle / Des Pauties / Au Grand / Monarque / A Paris". Iron hilt and olive-shaped pommel decorated en suite. Length 95, 8cm.

I note that some swords of the Hollow Blade/ Colichenade type continued the three blade edge all the way to the Guard as this example shows. Others had a thick rectangular Forte; as in the black and white shots below. Either way because the blade was thicker at the throat for about 8/10 inches it was stronger in the parry yet fast at the point, with a deadly tip. Control, balance and power were enhanced by the finger loops or Pas D'ane.

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