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As noted already, this blade needs cleaning before we really know what it is. However, I don't think the blade is a 20th C. piece. On cleaning, I think we would find it has a separate gangya and a fairly active laminated pattern. If so, then it is probably a late 19th C. blade. The elephant trunk area suggests Maguindanao manufacture (if we believe Cato's classification).

The hilt, on the other hand, is more difficult to define. The style could be Maguindanao or Maranao, but the type of metal will determine whether it is a royalty piece. If there is some gold in the metal fittings (probably not but could be) then it will have been for a prominent owner (powerful datu or royalty). If it's brass, then it's a much less prestigious piece. The woven bands look like they could be silver but the whole thing is too dirty to be sure. Ivory versus bone inserts similarly reflect the importance of its owner (I also think they are likely bone). The triangular inserts were still being used into the 20th C. and our friend, Battara, can tell us more about them as he has restored several barung and kris with this style of decoration.

This is a nice kris but it needs some work before we could really discuss its merits.

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