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Default Balinese krisses for sale

I am selling 2 balinese krisses from my collection (included in my kris book) and probably dating from the second half of 20th century:
1. Kris from Bali/ Lombok: Straight blade 45 cm long, dapur Sempaner Robyong, pamor Wos Wutah, warangka kekandikan made from whale bone, hilt in loncengan style made from bone & tortoise shell, price 200 Euros or 240 $ plus packing & shipping at cost.
2. Kris from Bali: Blade with 9 waves, 45.5 cm long, dapur Carita Sanga, warangka serengatan, gandar plated with totoise shell, hilt in togogan style made from bone and depicting a priest, price 225 Euros or 280$ plus packing & shipping at cost.
Please send me a pm if you are interested.
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