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Originally Posted by Iain
Could be around Zinger or Katina?

I donīt know if Zinder and/or Katsina. This my guess was based on what I saw in Abuja during 4 years of work there,some time ago. It seems to me that it is more difficult to assign accurately such more or less conterporary African daggers from Sahel (and also East Africa regions), than the old daggers eg from Congo.... The local wendors usually say what one "wants to hear", or they donīt know ..., only very seldom they say something like "Yes, this knife was brought by man from (e.g.) Katsina". From this reason I always ask my friends travelling in Africa to make photos of peaple "carrying" the knife or dagger etc and to make remark where it was.

Re: "Fifties": I meant 1950s as you wrote
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