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Originally Posted by thinreadline
true enough .... yes the carving knife I found at a show in Belgium ... I had to buy it as it has a Liverpool address ! There is an English guy who is very skilled at reshaping and ageing Victorian carving knives into classic bowie shapes.... they often have good Sheffield names with Victorian cyphers and crowns. He then re mounts them( often with old horsehead cutlery hilts and makes a suitable cross guard . He is well known as an accomplished forger ... many of his efforts he claims are in Manions and illustrated in Abels books . He has been inside for his efforts more than once .

Considering how thin carving knives are especially from that era of cutlery manufacture it seems difficult to make a convincing Bowie hunting knife from one just by changing the profile. Spending time inside for such efforts sounds like something out of a Lovejoy mystery novel. Did not think such things actually happen
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